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An Everyday Bag for the Modern, Stylish Woman

A well-organized bag stands out from the crowd

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  • Pensatta Workbag + Crossbody
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Long-lasting design

 Less is More. A minimalist look and uninterrupted with text or flashy branding.  Pensatta looks sleek, structured, and functional. It is lightweight, travel-friendly, suitable for any occasion and you can wear it in four different ways.
We've designed Pensatta with durable materials. It is built to last and comes with a 1-year warranty.

3 - in -1

Work & Play

Inside Pensatta bag, you will find  a mini crossbody clutch bag. Just enough to carry the essentials, like your phone, wallet and makeup. We also added a RFID card holder inside, so it will give you peace of mind. This mini bag is structured and designed to give you more freedom and flexibility in or outside of the office. Our bags are also lightweight, travel friendly and appropriate for any occasion.

A well-organized bag stands out from the crowd, giving you something unique and different.

PENSATTA’ comes from the Italian word ‘PENSATA’ meaning an idea or thought. Most commonly used to describe a good idea!

Pensatta was born out of the need to eradicate the stress of carrying your shoes and laptop in separate bags. We found ourselves in search of a perfect luxury bag that held the perfect balance between work and life. We went seeking for something that was beautiful and feminine, but also versatile enough to keep up with our daily lives.