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Story of Reem, A Newcomer Entrepreneur!

Reem, welcome to our blog, Purse with Purpose, let us know more about yourself, how did you start your road on entrepreneurship?

Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I'm pleased and honored to share my journey with your audience.

 Many years ago, I was doing my master degree in immunology and doing some courses and workshops between Sudan and the UK, then I started an online business selling UK stuff for Sudanese and it was successful. Later after I had my first son, I had a pain point that no safe and homey entertainment place for kids, then I started a new journey with a kids entertainment center in Khartoum which grew 6000 clients up to date. When I arrived in Canada early last year, I lost my direction until I joined HER startup program which gave me a precise blend of real-world application and academic excellence.)

What kind of discipline and habits have you earned or practiced during your journey?

My journey is full of adventures and diversity, but I believe that if there is will there is success. Always action drives me from dreamer to achiever. I developed a sense of who I am, what I can do, I became self motivated to achieve my purposeful action. Along with my entrepreneurship journey, I equipped myself with professional certification and became a certified sustainability professional which led me to held a managerial position at a big telecom international company. Converting my stress and fear to opportunity was my spaceship to the ultimate destination. Great things never come from comfort zone!  

Have you had a mentor or role model along the way? Maybe some female entrepreneur you looked up to?

I  always get inspired by successful stories, such as bodyshop woman founder, and since I was a kid I see myself as a successful women with a positive impact on the community .

Have you ever experienced any set back in your life that you learned from and helped you develop resilience?

Life is full of set back and challenges, I suffered gender discrimination and inequality on academic life and business too but  I was able to  rally my emotional strength in the pursuit of my goal. 

With COVID-19, how did you stay flexible and focused on your goals?

My patience and persistence derived me to win because challenges energized me rather than drain me. I do share my good news and success with my elder son Ziad who always feels proud of me and that gives me courage and support to stay focused on my goals.

As a woman on the go, how do you balance work and life?

Well, as a mom of two sons living in a far away continent from my husband, I have lots to do, but as a multi tasker that's helped me a lot. Additionally  I try to work late at night to make up for future lost time, I also usually put my self care last. I practice to express gratitude to lower my stress.  

Could you expand on your experience with Her Start up program? 

As a newcomer, HER startup adopted my dream as a new-born. HER startup offered me massive knowledge with peace of mind, having my kids near me. HER start up involved us at any decision, location, timing, transportation, and moreover childminding.

HER start brought us, professionals, from different fields, experts, and academics. Mentors were assigned to each group with full dedication and support. The team of HER startup is available anytime for our inquiries and support - a knowledgeable and mature team.

HER startup is caring for my idea since it was born and at every step holding our hand to step up. Business consultants and all required resources are available to succeed in my business.

Are you building your business? 

I'm building my startup now - Karegaroo - which is an innovation that disruptive to the childcare industry. It's a startup that leverages the power of app technology and the strength of the community, it offers flexible, on-demand childcare that improves the lives of parents, caregivers, and children.



As a refugee woman, what is your experience being new in Canada?

It's a challenging experience without awareness, especially for a single mother with small kids, but if I were to have all information that I have now, it would have had been an easy one. Canada is safe and kind with a lot of opportunities and resources for success.

At the end, how many items are you carrying in your bag? Would an organized bag help you to be more efficient from morning to evening?

lol , my bag is messy. I cant have an organized bag, but as a mom and busy woman I feel I need to be prepared for emergencies and life surprises, that's how my bag looks!

Thank you Reem! Anything else or some final thoughts you would like to share with our audience?

Do it now! don't wait for opportunity, create your own destiny!


As part of Pensatta vision we donated 10% of our sales to Jumpstart Refugee and Her Startup Program for Refugee Women.


  • Good luck….

  • Reem,

    One of the most hard worker women in the most tough environment in middle east specially in Sudan.
    She used to spend alot of time in charity sector and come up with a good benefits to our socity

    She is very patient and amazing on dealing with people

    I wish her a good life

    Omer Abdellatif
  • Yes this Reem that we know always overcoming challenges to success stories, proud of you Reem

    Suha Omer Babiker
  • Good luck Reem

    Wigdan Azrag
  • She is an accomplished and patient woman I know her closely،I wish her more success

    Manal Badawi

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